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We will make your next event a Diamond Event!
A €diamond event is a flawless one. It involves you being 100-percent satisfied with the logistics, service and outcome. It'€™s one in which any problems and issues that can naturally occur are handled seamlessly and professionally. It'™s an event that'€™s worry-free for you from start to finish. Most importantly, a diamond event meets and exceeds your expectations in executing your vision. 

We are committed to your event!
We are committed to providing diamond events for any occasion from employee appreciation days, birthday parties and family reunions to sophisticated corporate gatherings and creative, unique wedding celebrations.  You will come away with the knowledge that your voice is being heard at all phases of the planning process. 

Peace of mind for your event.
We not only sets out to provide you with an exceptionally executed special event that meets your specifications, we also make sure you have consistent peace of mind throughout the process.  Our team is in continual contact to help secure the right vendors and venue for your event.  Even if you'€™re the best "Do-It-Yourself" bride, having Tamika and her team help you coordinate the last-minute details will mean you will be able to focus all of your energies on enjoying your day.
We carry professional & general liability insurance.
Make It Diamond

Stylish choices that fit your tastes and budget.
Thanks to our relentless pursuit of the best local-area vendors, venues and specialists, you'll have dozens of options to choose from, which is crucial when sticking to a budget.  Tamika and her team will make sure you'€™re happy with the selections and expenses that go into making your event a dazzling ordeal. She is ready to provide you with unique and exciting results. 

A multi-faceted planner.  A one-stop shop for event needs. 
Tamika'€™s ingenuity and creativity make her the perfect go-to for advice on everything from managing the logistics for your out-of-town guests to coordinating with the caterer, other vendors and not-thought-of demands.  Whether  you are unconventional or going with cherished traditions, Tamika will make sure that your event has the attention, coordination and vision it deserves.